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The Great Masquerade

Opening Question: If you could use one word to describe Satan, what would it be? – Satan is usually depicted in society as a red, two-horned monster with a pitchfork. – The Bible’s description of Satan is actually much different. II Corinthians 11:12-15 – Paul is talking about some of…


Protect The Standard

Read: I Kings 18:2b-8, 13 & I Kings 18:20-22 Here we find the seemingly heroic account of Obadiah.  He was at this time the palace administrator for King Ahab, who was without a doubt one of the most wicked kings in all of Israel’s history.  King Ahab was married to…


Sincerity Or Truth?

READ: II SAMUEL 6:1-11 & I CHRONICLES 15:11-13 Uzzah was unfortunately an innocent bystander of a much bigger lesson in the life of David. David was attempting to bring the Ark of the Covenant back into Jerusalem because it symbolically represented the presence of God. As the Ark was being…


Liar Liar Liar

Opening Question: What is something that people commonly lie about? Question: What do you think influences people to lie? – Going to look at three different types of liars. – All three types of liars are going to be from the book of I John. I John 1:5-10 Question: What…