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Introduction:  Revelation 2:4-5 – To forsake means to desert or abandon. (Matthew 27:46) – Remember the height from which you’ve fallen. – When did you get baptized? What was it that made you decide to become a disciple? Reasons For Losing Your First Love: I Timothy 1:5-6 Discouragement or…


What Are You Waiting For?

Opening Question: What is something that’s worth waiting for? Question: What are some things that you shouldn’t wait for? Acts 22:2-5 – Paul is telling the story of his life before he became a Christian. – Saul also went by Paul. Question: How do you picture Saul? What kind of…


True Freedom

Opening Question:  What is something that makes you feel free? Luke 13:10-13 – Woman had been crippled for 18 years. – She was bent over and couldn’t straighten up. Question: What do you think life would have been like for this woman? Question: What are some things in people’s lives…


What’s Your Escape?

Opening Question: What do you do to cheer yourself up when you’re down — or when you need an escape? I Samuel 16:14-23 – Saul disobeys God in chapter fifteen. – His consequence is that God’s spirit is taken away from him, and now he’s feeling tormented in his life. Question:…



Matthew 7:13-14 Only two roads: Wide or Narrow. Only one road leads to life. Very few people find the road that leads to life. Luke 13:1-9 The two options we have in life are to repent or to perish. God gives each person a “window of opportunity”. (II Peter 3:9)…