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Got Fire?

Opening Question: What is something that fire can be used for? Question: How do you think life would be effected if there was no fire? Matthew 25:1-13 – Jesus is telling the parable of the ten virgins. – All of the virgins were waiting on the groom – Jesus. –…


Consumed By Zeal

Opening Question: What is something that you’re passionate about? Question: What are some characteristics that go with passion? Question: Do you think anger can be part of being passionate? Why or why not? John 2:13-25 – Jesus goes into the temple. – He sees people doing a lot of corrupt…


The Big Question

Opening Question:  If you could ask Jesus any question, what would you ask Him? Luke 18:18-21 – Jesus is having a conversation with “a certain ruler.” – Other gospels record that this was a rich, young ruler. Question: What do you think would be some temptations that the rich, young…


No Excuses

Opening Question: What are the most common areas that people make excuses for? Question: What’s an excuse you’ve made before? Luke 14:15-24 – Jesus is talking about people being invited to His Kingdom. – He compares being a part of His Kingdom as being a part of a great banquet….


Don’t Judge Me

Opening Question: What is one of your “pet peeves” with people? Matthew 7:1-6 – Jesus is preaching to a crowd right here, and He’s talking about judging people. – “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” Question: What do you think motivates people to judge other people? Question:…


Everyone The One

Read:  John 11:1-3 In his gospel, the Apostle John records Jesus’ favorite pair of sisters, Martha and Mary, sending word to Jesus that their dear brother was sick.  We’re all familiar with what follows.  Lazarus turns out to be more than just sick.  In fact, by the time Jesus gets…


Build On The Rock

Opening Question:  What is something that you can do with a rock? Luke 6:46-49 – Jesus compares two guys here: one who builds his house on rock and the other who builds his house on a bad foundation. (Sand) – The house represents our lives. Everyone is building a house…


Get Up And Walk

Opening Question: What is one thing you wish you were able to do? John 5:1-9a – Jesus sees a man who was an invalid lying by the pool. – An invalid is a person who is too weak to care for themselves. Question: What are some things that would cause someone to…


Calling On Jesus’ Name

Romans 10:9-13 – Many people teach that all one has to do to be saved is to “Call on the name of the Lord.” – This is neglectful of other scriptures that would contradict this teaching. (Acts 2:38, I Peter 3:21) – Is taken out of context. Context – The…


Breaking Through

Opening Question: What is the most valuable thing you’ve ever broken in your life? Mark 2:1-12 – Jesus was teaching in a house. Everyone wanted to hear what He was saying. So they crowded around Him, to the point where there was no more room. – It’s at this point,…