One day there was a man who was fighting in the army, and was injured pretty severely. He was sad and depressed that he could possibly be effected by his injury for the rest of his life, and was having a hard time having any hope at all. He was taken to the hospital for surgery, and then placed in a hospital recovery room. To his surprise, because there was little room in the hospital he was put in the same room as another recovering soldier. Sadly though, there was only one window in the room, and the other soldier got it.

Every day for months, the other soldier would vividly describe to him all of the things happening outside the window. He would talk about families playing in the park with their kids, dogs playing fetch, different birds and other animals that would occasionally venture into view, along with all sorts of joyful action, as if the window was a movie screen for him. The man longed to be able to see out of that window. In fact, he even looked forward to the day where the other soldier would leave the hospital so that he could have his spot.

Eventually, that day came! The other soldier had finally recovered and was released from the hospital. Excited to take his place next to the window, the man was beaming with excitement! The nurses came in and wheeled away the bed of the soldier, and then proceeded to begin moving the man into place. The man was smiling ear-to-ear! He couldn’t contain his enthusiasm to finally see what had been described to him every day for months.

As the nurses wheeled the man into place, he propped himself up and looked out of the window for the first time. He was shocked. To his surprise, he wasn’t looking out into a park or a busy sidewalk. There were no animals to see. Instead, just outside of that window was a brick wall that was blocking everything from view. The other soldier simply saw beyond the wall, and described what was in his imagination the whole time.

Moral:  Having true vision is more than just seeing what’s right in front of you. Sometimes, it means you have to look through and beyond the brick walls that are in your life and see the potential in all situations!

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