There was a small church group in small farm town.  Unfortunately for them, this town was in the midst of a very severe draught.  Since they were all farmers, a draught of this magnitude was catastrophic and they were in desperate need of some rain.

The pastor of the church decided it was time to gather the church and to collectively beg God to deliver them from this draught through prayer.  He asked the congregation to meet together in a field that was their favorite prayer spot.  Everyone showed up, and together, they began to cry out to God.  They begged Him to produce a storm large enough to water all of their crops.  To their amazement, God answered immediately!  While they were praying, the clouds began to roll in, thunder and lightning filled the sky, and it started to pour down rain!

It just so happens that across from this prayer spot was a local bar.  This was a hotspot for all of the non-churchgoing members of the community.  While the church was praying, a lightning bolt caused by the storm struck the bar, igniting a large fire, and the bar burnt down to the ground.

Upon hearing about the church group and their prayer for a storm, the owner of the bar decided to take legal action against the church, believing them to be responsible for the fire.  In court, the bar owner argued to the judge:  “Look judge, this pastor took his church into the field and prayed for a storm.  A storm came, and it ended up causing my bar to burn down.  You must hold this church group responsible for the fire that burnt down my bar!”

The pastor of the small church defended himself, “You can’t possibly think we’re responsible for burning down this man’s bar.  We simply gathered in a field and prayed.  We had nothing to do with the fire!”

In response to both men’s arguments, the judge finally spoke up.  He said, “You know, this is the most ridiculous case I’ve ever had to judge.  However, after listening to both of you, one thing is very clear:  this bar owner believes in the power of prayer far more than this pastor!”

Moral:  God can do incredible things when we ask Him to!  Don’t be surprised when He actually does!

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