There was an old farmer who had worked on a farm his whole life. His prized farm animal was his donkey that was equally as old as he was. Together on the farm, they built quite a bond, as the farmer would take care of the donkey and the donkey would help the farmer with some of his tasks.

One day, from inside the house, the farmer heard his donkey let out a loud whine. He went out to find out what the commotion was. To his surprise, he found that the donkey had slipped and fallen into a well. The farmer paced back and forth, trying to figure out how to free his friend. The donkey kept crying out, “Eeeh haww! Eeeh haww!”

Finding no solution to free the donkey, the old farmer decided to put it out of it’s misery. There was a pile of dirt nearby, and the farmer thought that the best way to say goodbye to his friend was to just bury him with the dirt. He scooped up one shovel full of dirt, and tossed it into the well. The dirt landed square on the donkey’s back. “Eeeh haww! Eeeh haww!” the donkey yelped!

The farmer scooped up another shovel full of dirt and tossed in into the well again. And again, it hit the donkey square in his back. The donkey cried out, “Eeeh haww! Eeeh haww!” Again, and again, the farmer shoveled the dirt into the well. And again and again, the donkey cried out, “Eeeh haww! Eeeh haww!” However, after five or six scoops of dirt had been shoveled unto the back of the donkey, the donkey got smart. He thought to himself, “What if I stop whining, shake off the dirt from my back and then just step up?”

He shook his body, and the dirt fell of his skin. He then took one big step up placing his hooves above the loose dirt, packing it down. One scoop of dirt after another, the donkey shook it off and then stepped up! He wasn’t yelping anymore. He wasn’t scared anymore. And the farmer took notice of the donkey. He realized what the donkey was up to, and this prompted him to shovel even faster to free his friend.

Eventually, the donkey shook off the dirt and stepped up so many times that the well was almost full to the brim, and he was able to simply step over the edge to freedom!

Moral:  Sometimes, life hits you square in the back. It’s in these moments that we may feel tempted to start whining, and to stay stagnant; but we must remember the lesson that the donkey learned: shake it off, and step it up!

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