There was a crane who was out and about one day, minding his business.  Suddenly, a swan appeared from out of nowhere.  The swan said, “Hey, you wouldn’t believe where I just came from!”

The crane replied, “What do you mean?  Where did you come from?”

To this the swan answered back proudly, “I just came from Heaven!  I flew up there, and I got a chance to take a peak inside, and man was it incredible: there were streets of gold, the gates were made out of precious stones, the people that were there looked so happy!  I could go on and on…”

The crane responded by asking, “Where there any snails there?”

The swan was shocked, “Snails?  What do you mean, snails?  Did you hear what I just said about how awesome Heaven is?  There were streets of gold, the people in Heaven don’t experience any sadness, and there is no need for a sun in Heaven because God is the light; and there is no darkness, no wickedness, and no evil!  Instead, there’s an endless supply of food and happiness!”

“But are there any snails?” the crane questioned again.

The swan paused, stunned by the crane’s ridiculous question. He said, “Snails?  Are you paying any attention to what I’ve been saying?  No, there’s no snails there.  There are only good things in Heaven – all the good things you could ever imagine!”

To this the crane answered back, “Well, if there are no snails there, it’s not for me.”

Moral:  Everything we value on earth are “snails” in comparison to what we will receive in Heaven.  Sometimes, we put too much stock in what we have here, instead of realizing what we stand to gain by giving it up for something greater!

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