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The Only Cure

Opening Question: What is the worst illness you’ve ever had? II Kings 5:1 – The Bible introduces us to this character: Naaman – He was the commander of the army of Aram. – At this time, they were at war against Israel. Question: How does the Bible describe Naaman? Question:…

Got Fire?

Opening Question: What is something that fire can be used for? Question: How do you think life would be effected if there was no fire? Matthew 25:1-13 – Jesus is telling the parable of the ten virgins. – All of the virgins were waiting on the groom – Jesus. –…

Consumed By Zeal

Opening Question: What is something that you’re passionate about? Question: What are some characteristics that go with passion? Question: Do you think anger can be part of being passionate? Why or why not? John 2:13-25 – Jesus goes into the temple. – He sees people doing a lot of corrupt…

Special Purposes

Opening Question: What do you think makes something special? Question: What is something that you consider special to you? II Timothy 2:20-21 – Paul is talking to Timothy about how everyone has different types of items in their houses. – Some things are useful, and others are not. Question: What…

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  • After almost 14 years of marriage, she’s still just as beautiful!
  • Picture time with the fam!
  • Welcome to the Kingdom, Grant!  You’re a beast! #uoft
  • #ILoveMyChurch
  • The “How hard did aging hit you” challenge.  The first picture is from 2008, when I was 25-years old. The second picture is from last week at 35-years old.  Aging has definitely hit me.  There’s a lot of white in my beard now.  Oh wait, that’s snow!
  • Crazy kids!
  • Fun in the snow with the fam!
  • The Empire State Building and a very unhappy 4-year old! (He hates pictures.)
  • Having some fun with the kids!
  • Peace on earth!
  • Merry Christmas!
  • This is what you call the “Pumpkin Spice Latte” look.  It’s starting to get cold here. 😱
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