Opening Question: What is one word that people would use to describe you?

Luke 7:36-39
– Jesus is eating at a Pharisee’s house.
– A woman went in and stood behind Him, crying, and began to wipe His feet with her tears.

Question: What kind of reputation did this woman have?
Question: What do you think she might have done to get this type of reputation?

Mark 14:3
– Same story in Mark’s account.
– Jesus is at Simon’s home.

Question: How is Simon described in this scripture?
Question: What do you think it would have been like for him to have leprosy back then?

Fact: Most likely, Luke doesn’t mention that Simon was a leper because Jesus had healed him.

Luke 7:39
– Going back to Luke’s version of the story.
– Simon is being critical about this woman, even though he was healed by Jesus for something far worse.

Question: What kind of reputation did Jesus have?
Question: How do you think Jesus associating with this “sinful” woman affected His reputation?
Question: Do you think Jesus cared about His reputation?

Challenge: Reputations can be important but they’re not what’s most important. Jesus was more concerned about having a good reputation in God’s eyes. If God would describe you in one word, what would it be?

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