Opening Question: What is something that’s worth waiting for?
Question: What are some things that you shouldn’t wait for?

Acts 22:2-5
– Paul is telling the story of his life before he became a Christian.
– Saul also went by Paul.

Question: How do you picture Saul? What kind of guy was he?
Question: How do you think someone can be so committed to God and yet be so wrong at the same time?

Acts 22:6-11
– Saul was traveling to Damascus to arrest and eventually kill Christians.
– Jesus stops him on the way and blinds him.

Question: Why do you think Jesus blinded Saul? (Seems like a mean thing to do.)
Question: What sort of things does Jesus do nowadays to get our attention?

Acts 22:12-16
– Jesus directs Saul to go to Damascus and meet Ananias.
– He finally gets to Ananias, and Ananias heals him.
– Ananias tells him, “What are you waiting for…?”

Question: Why do you think Saul was hesitant to get baptized?
Question: Why are people hesitant to obey God nowadays?

Challenge: There’s no good reason to wait to get right with God. You have to go for it, and you will see the incredible plan and purpose God has for you!

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