Opening Question: What do you think makes people popular in today’s society?
Question: If Jesus were alive today, do you think He’d be popular? Why?

Luke 4:14-15
– Jesus begins His ministry of preaching and teaching right here in Galilee.
– At this point, there wasn’t a whole lot of people who knew Him.

Question: Does it sound like He was a popular guy here?
Question: Who are some popular people that are alive today?
Question: What would you do if you were that popular — where everyone knew you and liked you?

Luke 4:16-22
– At this time, it was customary for people to read scriptures in the Synagogues.
– Jesus takes a turn at reading the scriptures.  (He read Isaiah 61:1-2.)

Question: Do you think Jesus’ message was positive or negative?
Question: What are some popular things that are preached in religion today?

Luke 4:23-30
– We have to remember that Jesus was in His own hometown.
– He reminds people that Elijah was not accepted in his own hometown either, but went outside to people that were not Jews.
– Jesus was telling them that they were going to end up rejecting His message — and Him.

Question: Does it sound like Jesus’ preaching was very popular here?
Question: What are some unpopular things that are taught today in religion?

Question: Is it possible to be a popular Christian?

Challenge:  Popularity is not wrong by itself.  Even Jesus was popular for a time.  However, Jesus’ teachings are very unpopular, and most people do not accept them.  We have to choose to stand up for what Jesus teaches, regardless of how popular or unpopular it is!

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