Opening Question:  What are some common things that people borrow, or lend out?  (Clothes, money, time, DVD’s, etc…)

Question: Have you ever lent out something, and the person you lent it to didn’t return it?  How did that make you feel?

Matthew 25:14-30
– Jesus is teaching a principle by using a parable. (A parable is a short story with a moral point to it.)
– This parable is about a king who lent out talents (bags of money) to his servants.
– Each servant took the money and did something different with it: one earned five more talents, another two more talents, and one guy just hid the talent.

Question: Who do you think the king represents? The servants? The talents?
Question: What are some different talents that God can give us? (Singing, ability to learn, education, money, etc.)
Question: What are some ways people can “bury their talents”? (Not tell anyone about them, not use them, don’t develop them, etc.)

Question: Why would people want to bury their talents? (Fear, insecurity, selfishness, etc.)
Question: Why do you think God gave “talents” to each of us? Or what does He expect us to do with them?

Question: What are some ways people can use their talents for other things, and not for God?
Question: What are some talents that God gave to you personally? (Don’t by shy!)

Challenge:  Nobody on this earth has NO talent. God gave each of us talents to bring more people to Him, but sometimes we can either bury them or use them for ourselves. Are you using your talents for God?

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