Opening Question:  What is something that makes you feel free?

Luke 13:10-13
– Woman had been crippled for 18 years.
– She was bent over and couldn’t straighten up.

Question: What do you think life would have been like for this woman?
Question: What are some things in people’s lives that prevent them from being free?

– Jesus puts his hands on this woman and immediately she straightened up and praised God.
– Sometimes all we need to do to be free is to let Jesus work in our lives and then “straighten up.”

[v. 14-17]
– The religious leaders weren’t happy about what Jesus did.
– They were upset because He healed the woman on a Sabbath Day.

Question: Do you think these religious leaders were free?
Question: What crippled them?

John 8:31-34
– The people here thought they were free.
– They were actually slaves to sin.

Question: How can someone be a slave to sin?
Question: How does the Bible say that we find true freedom?

Challenge: Don’t mistake what you feel like would make you free for what truly does make you free. Sin is enslaving; not freeing. We must learn what Jesus’ teachings are and then hold to them to find freedom.

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