Opening Question: What is something that you’ve built before?
Question: What do you think it takes to be a good builder?

Luke 14:28-30
– Jesus talking about being a disciple.
– He compares becoming a disciple to building a tower.

Question: What are some things that would make building a tower very difficult at this time? (No steel or concrete, no heavy machinery/equipment, etc…)
Question: What could you compare building a tower in Jesus time to us building today? (Skyscrapers, hotels, towers, etc…)
Question: What are some things you’d have to think through before you started building?

Question: What are some things someone should think through before they choose to become a disciple?

Luke 14:31-33
– Jesus continues on, but uses another analogy.
– This time, He starts talking about two kings going to war against each other: king with 10,000 men and a king with 20,000.

Question: Who are some famous underdogs in history? (Leonidas, Gideon, Americans, etc…)

– As cool as these stories are, most times the underdog loses the battle.
– In this story, the underdog is going to lose.

Question: What do you think is the smart thing for the underdog to do in this case?
Question: Who do you think the two kings represent? (Us and Jesus/God)
Question: How would one make peace with God/Jesus before He comes back?

Challenge:  We must count the cost if we want to be a disciple, and we must also count the cost if we don’t want to be a disciple. There are much more severe consequences for losing a battle than there are for failing to build a tower right. We must study the Bible to find out how to make peace with Jesus!

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