Opening Question: What is the worst illness you’ve ever had?

II Kings 5:1
– The Bible introduces us to this character: Naaman
– He was the commander of the army of Aram.
– At this time, they were at war against Israel.

Question: How does the Bible describe Naaman?
Question: How do you think having leprosy would effect him?

*In the Bible, Leprosy is usually an illustration for sin.

Question: How do you think sin can effect people?

II Kings 5:2-3
– An Israelite slave girl is captured by the Arameans.
– She tells Naaman about a potential cure.

Question: What are some serious diseases or illnesses that people suffer with today?
Question: How do you think people would react if they found out that there is a cure?

II Kings 5:4-7
– Naaman goes to the King of Israel instead of going to the prophet.
– He didn’t really listen to what the girl said.
– Of course, the King can’t cure him.

Question: Where are some places people go to find healing for their lives (unhappiness, emptiness, sadness, etc…) besides God?

II Kings 5:8-12
– Naaman finally goes to see Elisha.
– He gets angry because he doesn’t like what Elisha tells him to do.

Question: Why do you think Naaman got so upset?
Question: What are some things that the Bible says that upset people today?

II Kings 5:13-14
– Naaman finally listens to Elisha.
– He dips himself seven times, and his flesh was even better than before.

Question: Do you think Naaman would have been healed if he dipped himself in a different river?
Question: Do you think Naaman would have been healed if he dipped himself in the Jordan five times? Six times?
Question: What was it that actually healed Naaman? (Obedience to the word of the prophet – the word of God!)

Question: How do you think this would have effected Naaman’s life?
Question: So why don’t so many people obey the word of God today?

Challenge: Don’t fight against God’s word. Just choose to obey it, regardless of how difficult it may seem. For you can be sure that obedience to God’s word is the only cure!

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