Opening Question:  If you could ask Jesus any question, what would you ask Him?

Luke 18:18-21
– Jesus is having a conversation with “a certain ruler.”
– Other gospels record that this was a rich, young ruler.

Question: What do you think would be some temptations that the rich, young ruler would have?
Question: Do you think he was a good guy or a bad guy?

(v. 19) – “No one is good but God alone.”
– Sometimes people think they can be good enough to get to heaven.
– Jesus says that no one is good.

Question: What are some other things that people think will get them to heaven?

Luke 18:22-23
– Jesus answers: “You still lack one thing.”
– This is probably not what the rich ruler wanted to hear.

Question: If you were him, how do you think you would feel about Jesus saying this?
Question: Do you think Jesus was being mean by saying this to him?

Question: Do you think there are many religious people that would be willing to tell someone they lack “one thing”? I mean, it seems like he was pretty good.

Question: Why do you think he went away sad? He was still in the same situation he was in before talking to Jesus, but he left sad.

Challenge: Sometimes you’ve got to hear the bad news before you get to the good news. The challenge is to find someone who is willing to challenge you on the “one thing” – which is really everything!

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