Opening Question: What do you think makes something special?
Question: What is something that you consider special to you?

II Timothy 2:20-21
– Paul is talking to Timothy about how everyone has different types of items in their houses.
– Some things are useful, and others are not.

Question: What are some things you find useful in your house?
Question: What are some things that you have in your house that aren’t useful?
Question: How do we treat things that aren’t useful comparatively to those that are?

*Paul equates being special to being useful.

Question: What are some things that would make someone useful/special to God?

II Timothy 3:16-17
– Paul is now talking to Timothy about the power and usefulness of the Word of God.
– The Bible can equip us for every good work.

Question: What are some kinds of equipment that can be useful? (Scuba gear for a scuba diver, a map for an explorer, etc…)
Question: What are some things people can do to equip themselves besides just having equipment? (Studying, physical training, etc…)
Question: How could it effect someone to not be equipped for something – whether having the equipment or just being equipped?

– The only thing you need to equip yourself to do every good work is the Bible.
– If we don’t “train” in the Bible, we’re not going to be able to be useful to God.

Question: What do you think is the difference between being equipped and “thoroughly” equipped in God’s word?

Challenge: Learn how to be an instrument for special purposes, and be useful to God by starting to train in the Bible. Now every trainee needs a trainer, so find someone to help you learn the Bible!

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