Opening Question: What is one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen?

Hebrews 11:1
– The Bible defines faith for us.
– Faith by definition is believing in something you can’t see.

Question: What are some things that people believe in today that they can’t see?

– Everyone has the capacity for faith.
– A lot of people choose to place their faith in a lot of things other than God.

John 20:24-29
– Jesus appears to all of the disciples, except for Thomas.
– The disciples tell Thomas that Jesus appeared.
– Thomas responds by saying, “Unless I… I will not believe.”

Question: What are some conditions that people put on following God today? (“Unless I hear a voice,” “Unless I get rich,” etc…)
Question: How do you think Jesus felt about Thomas’ conditions?
Question: How do you think Thomas felt about the other disciples and their belief?

[v. 29]
– Blessed = Happy
– “Happy is the man who believes without seeing.”

Question: In what way do you think faith can make people happy?
Question: How can a lack of faith prevent people from being happy?

Fact: Thomas ended up preaching about Jesus in India, and being killed for his belief. He absolutely believed what he saw.

Challenge: To believe as strongly as Thomas ended up believing, except without having to see Jesus like Thomas did. The Bible says that faith comes from hearing the message. You can gain faith through studying out the Bible. Make a decision to study the Bible with the person who brought you out to Bible Talk!

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