Opening Question:  Where is somewhere that you would NEVER go for a vacation?

Luke 4:1-2
– Directly following Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River.
– The Bible says that the Spirit led Jesus into the desert.

Question: What are some things that come to your mind when thinking about a desert?
Question: Why do you think God would lead Jesus into the desert to be tempted?

Luke 4:3-4
– Jesus had been fasting for 40 days.  The Bible says that He was very hungry.
– Satan tried to tempt Jesus to turn a rock into bread.
– Must assume that Jesus had the power to do that.

Question: Why do you think it was wrong for Jesus to turn the rock into bread? (Yes, He was supposed to rely on God for strength and not food.)
Question: What are some things that people rely on besides on God?

Luke 4:5-8
– This is the second temptation from Satan to Jesus.
– He tempts Jesus to worship him in order to rule over the world.

Question: Do you think Jesus needed Satan to allow Him to rule the world – or could He have done it if He wanted to?
Question: Satan doesn’t tempt us with things that are not hard for us to say “no” to. Why do you think this was a temptation for Jesus?

Luke 4:9-13
– This is the third temptation from Satan to Jesus.
– He tempts Jesus to throw Himself off of the temple and to let God catch Him.
– Jesus tells him “no!”
– It is interesting that Satan uses scriptures in his temptations to Jesus.

Question: How do you think Satan can use scripture to mess with people in modern day?
Question: How did Jesus avoid giving in, and how can we prepare to fight against Satan’s temptations? (Know the Scriptures!)

Challenge:  We must know the Bible in order to fight the attacks of Satan. If we don’t know scripture, we’re vulnerable to temptation…and we may not even realize we’re already giving in.

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