Opening Question: What is something that you absolutely hate?
Question: Do you think hate can ever be a good thing?

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
– Solomon is saying that there is a time for everything.
– He says that there is a time to love and a time to hate.

Question: What are some circumstances where hate would be acceptable, useful, or even good?
Question: What kinds of things can hatred lead to?

Romans 12:9
– Paul is telling us that we must love sincerely, but then he starts talking about hate.
– He says that we should hate what is evil.

Question: Do you think it’s possible to have love without hate?
Question: What are some things that God wants us to hate?

Luke 14:25-27
– This seems like a very weird and odd teaching from Jesus.
– It sounds like Jesus is saying that we should hate our families and our lives.

Question: What do you think this means?
Question: Why do you think it’s so important to Jesus that we love God more than our families?

Question: What do you think it means to love God more that our own lives?
Question: What makes following this command so challenging?

Challenge: It’s inevitable what with love comes hate, and hate is a very strong word. That’s the point! There is no middle ground with God. We have to learn to love what He loves, and to hate what He hates. The only way to figure out what those things are is to study the Bible!

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