Opening Question: What do you think is the key to being a good listener?
Question: Why is it hard to be a good listener?

James 1:19-21
– James is telling everyone that they should take note of this.
– People should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.

Question: What are some things that people are really quick to do?
Question: Why are we quick to do some things and slow to do other things?
Question: What are some benefits to being a really good listener?

James 1:22-25
– James compares God’s word to a mirror.
– They probably didn’t see a good mirror very often in Bible times.

Question: What do you think seeing a mirror for the first time in a long time would be like?
Question: What benefits are there in listening to God’s word?
Question: Do you think the same reasons why people have a hard time listening apply when it comes to listening to God’s word?

Challenge: Be a good listener — not only of people — but of God’s word!

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