Opening Question: What is something that fire can be used for?
Question: How do you think life would be effected if there was no fire?

Matthew 25:1-13
– Jesus is telling the parable of the ten virgins.
– All of the virgins were waiting on the groom – Jesus.
– Five of them had enough oil, but the other five did not.

Question: Do you know what function does oil have in an oil lamp?
Question: What do you think the oil symbolized? (Perseverance, faith, hope, etc…)

Question: What did the five foolish virgins do when they ran out of oil to try to solve their problem? (They tried to get it from the others.)
Question: What are some things that you CAN’T get from other people? (Faith, righteousness, forgiveness, etc…)

– The five foolish virgins go to buy more oil
– As they are gone, the groom comes back. (Jesus arrives!)
– The foolish virgins try to get into the wedding banquet, (heaven) but the door was shut.

Question: Do you think it was mean/rude/unkind of Jesus to shut the door and not let them in?
Question: Do you think it was mean/rude/unkind of the wise virgins not to let the foolish virgins take some of their oil?

Question: What is something you’d never miss? (Sporting event, concert, career opportunity, family gathering, etc…)
Question: Do you think that one’s preparedness/readiness demonstrates the priority/value of the event or opportunity?

Challenge: There’s no event more important to prepare for than Jesus’ coming back. And if you’re not prepared, you could find yourself shut out of the great wedding banquet. Don’t let that happen. Choose to get into the Bible with someone and learn how to keep oil in your lamp!

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