Opening Question: What is one thing you wish you were able to do?

John 5:1-9a
– Jesus sees a man who was an invalid lying by the pool.
– An invalid is a person who is too weak to care for themselves.

Question: What are some things that would cause someone to be unable to care for themselves?
Question: What do you think are some challenges that he might have had?

– Jesus asks him, “Do you want to get well?”
– Seems like a no-brainer question.
– Man’s response: “I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is stirred.”

Question: What was the real solution to this guys problem? (Obedience to Jesus)
Question: What did he think was solution to his problem? (Supernatural occurrence, magical water, etc…)

– All he had to do to be well is to obey Jesus.
– Instead, he was just sitting around for 38 years, waiting for something to happen.

Question: What are some things people wait to happen before they start obeying Jesus? (Career, get older, stability, etc…)

John 5:9-15
– The man is questioned by all the religious leaders. Seems to have lost track of Jesus.
– Jesus later stops him and tells him, “Stop sinning, or something worse may happen to you.”

Question: What do you think the man was doing that made Jesus tell him to “stop sinning”?

– He wasn’t doing anything. That is the point.
– It doesn’t say he was doing anything bad, but it doesn’t say he was doing anything good either.

Question: What are some things that we should be doing as a Christian?

Challenge: Do wait around for something to happen in your life! Anyone can get up and walk as a Christian, and do the things that Jesus wants us to do!

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