Opening Question: What is your favorite hobby?

Mark 1:14-17
– Jesus is walking by the sea of Galilea, and sees two brothers fishing.
– He calls out to them and says, “Come follow me, and I will send you out to fish for people.”

Question: What are some things that it takes to be a good fisherman?
Question: What do you think Jesus meant by “fish for people?”

Mark 1:18
– Simon and Andrew follow Jesus without hesitation.
– They left their boats and nets behind.

Question: What are some things that people are typically willing to drop everything for? (Family member in hospital, major career opportunity, etc…)
Question: Do you think most Christians have this same mentality or attitude towards fishing for people?
Question: Why do you think people would drop everything for those other things, but not for fishing for people?

Mark 1:19-20
– Jesus sees another pair of brothers who were just about to start fishing.
– He calls them to follow Him too.
– They also leave everything behind, including their father.

Question: How do you think their father would have been effected by their eagerness to follow Jesus and fish for people?
Question: Why do you think they were so quickly persuaded to leave everything and follow Jesus?

Question: Do you think you can be a follower of Jesus, but NOT a fisher of people?

Challenge: We can’t claim to follow Jesus and not have the same heart for Jesus’ mission. Jesus also left everything in Heaven to come to earth and to fish for us. We must be willing to do the same!

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