Opening Question: What is something that you’re passionate about?
Question: What are some characteristics that go with passion?
Question: Do you think anger can be part of being passionate? Why or why not?

John 2:13-25
– Jesus goes into the temple.
– He sees people doing a lot of corrupt things.
– Jesus gets ticked off and starts reeking havoc in the temple.

Question: What do you think made Him so upset?
Question: Do you think He was out of control here – or was this something He’d thought through?
Question: How do you think Jesus would feel if He walked in to most churches today? Why?

[v. 17] – Jesus disciples remembered: “Zeal for your house will consume me.”

Question: What do you think it means to be consumed by something?
Question: What would being consumed by zeal look like?
Question: Do you think being consumed by zeal is a quality that many people have? Why or why not?

Question: What do you think stops people from having this type of zeal for God?
Question: Do you think it’s possible to serve God and NOT have this type of zeal for Him?

Challenge: We must learn to be passionate about the things that God is passionate about. Jesus cared deeply about the “house” of God, and was willing to stand up for what was right. Learn what is important to God by studying the Bible with someone who brought you so that you can experience this type of passion!

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