Opening Question: What is the last thing you bought? What is one of the worst things you’ve bought?

Matthew 13:44
– A man finds a treasure (the Kingdom) hidden in a field.
– He sells everything he has to buy the field.

Question: What are some things that are hard to find in life?
Question: Do you think that the Kingdom (or a relationship with God) is hard to find? Why?

Question: Why do you think this man bought the field instead of just stealing the treasure?

– He could have stolen the treasure, but he wanted to ensure that he legitimately owned the treasure.
– There is no way to short cut (or steal) your way into Heaven. Everyone has to buy in.

Question: What are some ways that people can try to short cut the Bible?

[v. 45]
– This is a very similar situation.
– Both men find something of great value and sell everything for it, but there are some subtle differences.

Question: What are some details that are different in this story? (He was looking for it, he was a merchant, he found a pearl and not just a treasure)
Question: If this man weren’t a merchant, do you think he would have known the value of the pearl and sold everything for it?
Question: Do you think people can miss the value of the Kingdom of God (relationship with God)?

Question: What kind of person does it take to realize the value of a relationship with God and be willing to sell everything for it?

Challenge: Don’t wait for God to come to you, search for Him. But also, you must be a person that understands the value of what God is offering us because it costs everything we have!

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