Opening Question:  What is something that you can do with a rock?

Luke 6:46-49
– Jesus compares two guys here: one who builds his house on rock and the other who builds his house on a bad foundation. (Sand)
– The house represents our lives. Everyone is building a house on something.

Question: What would stop someone from building a house on rock? (It’s hard, expensive, time consuming, etc…)
Question: Why would someone want to build on rock as opposed to something else? (It’s stronger, it’s safer, etc…)

Question: What are some good reasons to build on a less solid foundation – such as sand? (Easier, quicker, etc…)
Question: What’s the downside to building on sand? (Not strong, can shift, etc…)

Question: What do you think are some “sandy” things people can live their life for? (Career, money, relationships, fun, etc…)
Question: Have you ever seen people who live for these things get disappointed by them? Explain.

Question: What do you think it means to build on the rock?

I Corinthians 10:3-4
– Paul is teaching the Corinthian church how to build their house on the right foundation.
– The rock is Christ!

Question: Has Jesus ever disappointed anyone?
Question: What are some reasons people don’t want to live for Jesus – build on the rock?

Challenge: Don’t live for things that are only going to leave you empty and disappointed. Instead, choose to build your house on the rock…Christ! That’s the only way to build your house right!

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