Opening Question: What is the most valuable thing you’ve ever broken in your life?

Mark 2:1-12
– Jesus was teaching in a house. Everyone wanted to hear what He was saying. So they crowded around Him, to the point where there was no more room.
– It’s at this point, that the Bible introduces a paralyzed man.

Question: What do you think life was like for this paralyzed man at this time? What would have been some of his daily challenges?
Question: When you’re stuck, is it easy for you to ask for help? Why or why not?
Question: What are some ways that people can be disabled spiritually? (Depressed, hopeless, weak, etc…)
Question: Is it easy for people to ask for help in these areas? Why or why not?
Question: What did it take for this paralyzed man to be forgiven/healed by Jesus? (Friends, an opportunity, faith, etc…)
Question: What could have stopped him from being healed? (No friends, refusing to ask for help, fear, etc…)

Personal Sharing: I’m the type of person that hates to ask for help. In some ways, I’d rather suffer than ask for help. I think that a lot of people are like me. We want the preserve our pride and feel like we can do everything on our own, and we don’t need people. But the truth is, we all need people. And ultimately, we all need Jesus!

Question: Do you think the Pharisees needed forgiveness/healing?
Question: What stopped them from being healed?

Challenge: Anyone can be healed by Jesus. You just have to break through the pride, skepticism, fears, etc… and let other people help you.  Breaking through is always the only way to Jesus!

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