Opening Question: What is your least favorite insect? Or food?
Question: Why do you think God created things that taste bad, or things that seem to be bad?

– Going to talk about one of the questions that a lot of people struggle with: “If God is real and is good, why does He allow bad things to happen to good people?”
– In fact, for many people this question is the very reason they choose not to believe in God or to follow God.

Luke 13:1-5
– Jesus points out two catastrophic disasters that happened at that time: 1) a tower in Siloam fell on eighteen people and killed them, and 2) governor Pilate tortured a bunch of Galileans.
– Both of these disasters disturbed the people of their time.

Question: What are some major disasters that you’ve recently heard about or experienced?
Question: In what ways did these disasters effect you or other people?

– Most people at this time, like most people in our time, believed that if something bad happened to someone it is because they’ve done something to deserve it and they are being punished.
– Jesus asks the crowd if those effected by the disasters were any more guilty than everyone else.

Question: What do you think is the correct answer to Jesus’ question? (No, we’re all sinners.)
Question: Why do you think some people view themselves as less bad (or better) than other people?

– Jesus ends up challenging those in the crowd who had not been killed in these disasters to repent or to perish.
– It might seem like Jesus is being insensitive, but this gives us a little insight into why God allows bad things to happen.

Question: How do you think life would be different for us if nothing bad ever happened – if we all live to the exact same age and then we died?
Question: Do you think that anyone would choose to repent and follow God, and to become a Christian early on in life if bad things didn’t happen?

Challenge: Bad things don’t happen to good people. We all sin, and are no better than anyone else. Bad things happen to everyone.  They happen so that we are urgent about repenting and pursuing a relationship with God.

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