Hebrews 11:1, 6
– Definition of Faith: “…sure of what we hope for and certain of what we DO NOT see.”
– There are many things people believe in but haven’t seen. (China, the wind, center of the earth, gravity, etc…)
– Everyone has the capacity have faith. Some choose not to place their faith in God.

John 20:24-29
– Thomas doubted that Jesus resurrected and demanded proof.
– Jesus appeared to Thomas, proved that it was Him, and then said, “Because you have seen me, you have believed.” (Faith is being sure of what we DO NOT see.)
– He then said, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” (Blessed = “Superlatively Happy”)
– Happiness is a byproduct of having a genuine faith in Jesus!

Reasons People Don’t Believe:

  1. Don’t Know God
    1. Acts 17: 22-28
      1. “To an unknown god.” They didn’t know what or who they were worshipping.
      2. Characteristics of God:
        1. Created the world. (v. 24)
        2. Is not confined to man-made things. (v. 24)
        3. Not served by human hands. (v. 25)
        4. He determines the times and places for everyone. (v. 27)
      3. God’s desire is for you to seek Him and find a relationship with Him.
  2. Don’t Want God
    1. Romans 1:20-25
      1. We don’t get to see God, but we can see what He’s made. Creation makes God’s existence obvious.
      2. Men chose to reject God because they loved the world more than God. (They chose the created over the Creator.)
    2. Psalms 14:1-3
      1. “Fool” in Hebrews is “one who is morally deficient.”
      2. Many deny the existence of God simply to alleviate the guilt that accompanies the lifestyle they desire to live.
  3. Don’t Like God
    1. Mark 9:14-27
      1. Father of demon possessed boy was struggling with his faith because of hardship.
      2. Many people don’t like that God has allowed bad things to happen to them, or to someone they love.
      3. He at least had the heart to ask for help to overcome his unbelief.
    2. Luke 13:1-5
      1. God allowed two catastrophic events to happen.
      2. The people who were effected were not more guilty than all the rest. (Romans 3:23)
      3. What if nothing bad ever happened to anyone?  Would anyone choose to repent and follow God?
      4. How allows bad things to happen so that we’ll see our need to repent and follow Him.
  4. Don’t Understand God
    1. Isaiah 55:8-11
      1. God created the universe, but it outside the boundaries of its limitations. (Space, time, etc…)
      2. We can’t expect God to think like us and be like us.  Instead, we must choose to learn to become and think like Him.


John 20:27
– Jesus commanded Thomas to stop doubting after he had seen Jesus.
– Even having proof isn’t enough. We have to choose to believe!

John 20:30-31; Romans 10:17
– Faith comes from hearing the Word of God.
– Decide to start reading the Bible to increase your faith and to help you overcome your unbelief.

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