Read: I Kings 18:2b-8, 13 & I Kings 18:20-22

Here we find the seemingly heroic account of Obadiah.  He was at this time the palace administrator for King Ahab, who was without a doubt one of the most wicked kings in all of Israel’s history.  King Ahab was married to a Sidonian princess, Jezebel, and together they sought to remove the worship of Jehovah from Israel and replace it with the worship of the Canaanite gods.  To accomplish this, Jezebel ordered the killing of all of God’s prophets.

In response to Jezebel’s decree, Obadiah, who was a believer and follower of God, his one hundred prophets in two caves to protect them.  No doubt, the prophets were grateful for Obadiah; and Obadiah was quite proud himself.  In fact, he even boasts about hiding the prophets to Elijah.

Interestingly though, Elijah later states that he is the “only one of the Lord’s prophets left.”  How could this be if there were one hundred prophets hiding in two caves?  Elijah knew about them because Obadiah had told him.  Could he have forgotten?

No, Elijah didn’t forget.  He remembered that there were one hundred “prophets” that were in hiding.  But that’s just it: they were in hiding.  While a prophet was called to speak on behalf of God, and to speak against those who were in opposition to God; (I Samuel 9:9; Ezekiel 3:17) the one hundred prophets were content to remain in hiding while Elijah was solely taking on the task of prophesying against the king and his gentile queen.  And while Obadiah thought he was doing a righteous and noble thing; he chose to protect the people over protecting the standard!

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