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  • When you’re sick in the airport, waiting on your flight to Mexico at 5am.  Jesus is Lord!
  • Got to go to our first hockey game tonight!  We quickly fell in love, and I think we are becoming true Canadians!  Huge shout out to Rich Chan for hooking us up with the tickets!  It was a blast!
  • I’ve never had to wear this many layers in my life.
  • Some fun in -40 degree weather!
  • Happy New Year!!!
  • From left to right:  Our (LEGO) family!
  • To my beautiful wife: Happy 15th spiritual birthday! You amaze me day in and day out by your constant joyfulness and sincere devotion in everything you do. You are a faithful wife, an amazing disciple, and my best friend! Thank you for sticking by my side through so many adventures...and even challenges! I know God is extremely proud of you! I love you with all my heart! @⁨KellyBartholomew⁩
  • Merry Christmas!
  • Love this crazy woman!
  • How we keep the floors so clean!
  • Two little peanuts!
  • Nothing better than hanging out with my amazing wife and these two!  We ate at Blaze Pizza and now they’re munchkin’ down a Starbucks snowman cookie!  Life is good!
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